The city of Wuxi in Jiangsu province, an area of abundant natural resources, recently hosted a symposium focusing on the brand building of its specialty agricultural industry.

Li Shangjian, an expert who attended the symposium, said that the waxberry industry in Mashan, Binhu district, has recently suffered from inefficient production and marketing troubles. To expand market share, farmers should better integrate resources in order to increase efficiency and lower costs, he said.

Farmers are also encouraged to actively cooperate with universities and research institutions to improve farming techniques as well as the quality of their waxberries. Meanwhile, the local government can introduce investment into the area where enterprises purchase the fruit from farmers and sell directly or after processing, said Li. In this way, purchasers are able to get access to a stable supply channel while solving the farmers’ sales problems, and creating a win-win situation for both sides.

Another focus came to leisure fishing, an emerging agricultural industry integrating tourism sightseeing, fish farming, catering and entertainment, which has become popular nowadays.

Many leisure fishing projects, however, suffer from various problems, such as poor general management, industrial distribution and facility construction, said Chen Ying, an industry insider. She advised those involved to develop distinctive pilot projects capable of meeting the multiple needs of tourists, on the basis of which, the brand impact of Wuxi's leisure fishing would be improved.

Fish culture exploration and employee training are also helpful in diversifying the service functions of the industry and forming a more complete industry chain, which hopefully covers every aspect from catering and sightseeing to shopping and accommodation, added Chen.



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