An innovative department has been built near Jiangnan University in the city of Wuxi, Jiangsu province to offer living and working space to young entrepreneurs.

"What makes it special is that it is not only a youth department featuring distinctive space design," said Xia Jun, general manager of the department developer, "it serves as a creative community that inspires groups of young start-ups to work, communicate and entertain together, providing support for the city's cultural and technological innovation industry."

The "BODA Modern 1930" innovative department has transformed its public area from its original two separated floors into a four-floor open space using dislocation skills. The first floor has a kitchen and a restaurant; the second floor has a laundry room and reading area with a honeycomb structure; the third is equipped with entertainment facilities and a brainstorming area. On the top floor there's a green plant area of 1,000 square meters for outdoor activity and barbeques.

There is a reading area with a honeycomb structure on the second floor of the innovative department.

In an era of Internet Plus, traditional departments can hardly meet the multiple demands of residents. The innovative department has taken the initiative in establishing an Internet Plus community that reflects modern times.

The university town, where the department is located, is the city's major area of innovation and entrepreneurship. Every year, more than 1,000 students graduating from Jiangnan University with a master's degree or higher choose to start a business in Wuxi.

A building model of the innovative department.

The city has always strived to create a sound environment for innovation and entrepreneurship. In 2014, a total of 11,900 start-ups benefited from local policies. The government now offers various kinds of subsidies up to 300,000 yuan ($46,900).

The innovative department has established a base for youth start-ups and is expected to offer these young bloods substantial support.

A corner of the innovative department.



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